Tatiana Levitskaya, a moscow based artist, is an exquisite and very bright representative of the russian non-conformist of the 70 ies and 80 ies.
She began her creative journey in to the art world at the age of 14. In 1965 she entered the Department of Applied Arts (Moscow Textil Institute) to spend years of studies there. The Year 1969 was a turning point both in her life and work. She met her future husband and collaborator Borukh Shteynberg, a well known Artist by that time. He influenced her artistic world and manner of painting and on Levitskaya's art style changed inconsiderably, marked with gradual shift to more realistic images and refined technique. Many of her art work stand out because of her color scheme and shape. Bright compositions with trees, birds and flowers are full of associations and abstractions while graphic works are laconic, strict and concise. Her canvases are entirly contemporary and universal: she concetrates on nature and human body. In 70ies and 80ies Tatyana Levitskaya and Borukh Steinberg are in the center of Moskow underground art life that was its height in those years: not only do they work intensively, but also participate in artists' movement for their rights.
For decades the only state-supported style of visual art had been socialist realism, everybody else was out of the picture and it took years if not decades for artists to make their art part of the art scene. Both of them take part in the main political actions of the Soviet artists- in the so called Bulldoser exhibition in 1974, in the exhibition in Izmailovo, and numerous "flat exhibitions" that opened Soviet undeground art to the Western audience. Tatyana Levitskaya is well known to professional artists, art collectors and gallery owners. Most of her works dated 70ies and 80ies found their plase in private collections and museums in Germany, Austria, the United States. In the 90ies Tatyana Levitskaya continues to work in all traditional genres -- painting and graphics.
Hers art works are often on the display at various exhibitions in Russia and other countries.

List of quotes from varios people on Tatyana's art

- collectors, gallery owners, critics, art-historians

Andrew Graham Dixon - british art-historian, presenter of the program "Art of Russia" aired on BBC 4 December 2009. "Tatyana is one of the contributors
to the film"

Martin Vukovich, art collector, ex-embassador of Austria in Russia "For the very first time I came across artwork of Tatyana back in 1976. One of her pictures in my collection that I find the most appealing is the canvas with the church, big trees and old babushkas. We have always had this picture in our living room and it brings memories of Russia" "I do not consider myself a great expert, but I am fully convinced that activity of these very courageous people like Tatyana, Oskar Rabin and many others were liberating the arts in Russia. We got the confirmation of this fact in the last 15-20 yeas when many pieces of formerly underground Soviet art became extrimely valueble and contributed a lot to the world art scene."