1970-1974 "Flat exhibitions" and exhibitions in foreign Embassies. Moscow  
  Legendary Bulldoser exhibition in Belyaevo field "Bulldoser exhibition"  
  The second autumn exhibition on the open air. Park "Izmailovo". Moscow  
1975 Moskow, the first officially approved exhibition at VDNH  
1976 Group exhibitions with other underground artists. Moscow  
1979 Gallery exhibition at Malaya Gruzinskaa, Moscow  
1990 Germany, Saarlouis. "Haus-Ludwig Museum" Exhibition of Levitskaya, Borukh Steinberg  
1993 Germany, Dusseldorf, "Ragenbogen" Gallery  
1994 Germany, Dusseldorf , personal exhibition at "Frailihrat" privat Museum  
  Gallery A3, personal exhibition. Moscow  
  Exhibition in Belyaevo dedicated to 20th annivesary of Bulldoser exhibition. Moscow  
1997 Gallery A3, personal exhibition. Moscow  
  Gallery "House 100" exhibition "Anthology of Elementary Art". Moscow  
1998 "Vysotsky's Museum, exhibition "Still life". Moscow  
2000 Gallery "Graal" , personal exhibition "Flowers and Grasses". Moscow   
2003 Gallery A3, exhibition "Moscow flat -- 20/21 from century to century". Moscow  
2004 Museum-gallery "New Hermitage", participation in the exhibition " Portrait of the artist". Mузей-галерея "Новый Эрмитаж" . Moscow  

Moscow, the State Literary Museum, personal exhibition "Nitrographics" 

The 1st Biennale of Modern Art, participation in exhibition dedicated to "Flat exhibitions of 50--80ies". Moscow

Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, participation in the exhibition "Getting Freedom -- 40 years of Soviet and Russian art",
works from collection of Kolodzej Art Foundation. Kolodzei Art Foundation, USA

 Gallery A3, group exhibition "Mastery and youth". Moscow

2006 "Sixth Art Fair". Special Project "Tatyana Levitskaya and Borukh Steinberg"  

Second Moscow Book Fair "Book of the artist ", graphics and illustrations in Central House of Artist  

2007 Fair HUDGRAF in New Manezh. Moscow